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Enjoy 6ème – Sons

b1 l1 at school

b1 l1 School rules

b1 l2 Where are you from

b1 l3 at the pet shop

b1 l3 Five White Mice

b1 l4 The P.E lesson

b2 l1 at the park

b2 l1 questions where

b2 l1 questions who

b2 l2 descriptions 1

b2 l2 descriptions 2

b2 l2 Superheroes

b2 l3 The Best Friend Quiz

b2 l4 Janes driving lesson

b2 l4 Philips driving lesson

b2 l5 Good Habits

b2 l5 Horrid Helen

b2 l5 Perfect Penny

b2 l5 Young peoples international forum

b3 l1 A bad day for Max

b3 l1 Poor Max

b3 l1 Raw Adventure Camps

b3 l2 Kates Gang

b3 l2 Water fight

b3 l3 Riddles

b3 l3 True or false

b3 l4 A trip to London

b3 l4 How was your weekend 1

b3 l4 How was your weekend 2

b3 l4 How was your weekend 3

b3 l4 How was your weekend 4

b3 l5 The backpack bingo

b3 l5 The Maze

do you like

Dylans Email

hello goodbye

hot cross buns

Jingle bells

my room

Shaunas Letter

the alphabet rap

this is the way

today’s monday


We wish you

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